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TUG is (going to be) a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences. TUG stands for “The Untitled Game”.


TUG will be a 3D sandbox game based upon the all known ‘Minecraft’styled voxelbased engine.

You start out as a seed, a kid basicly that has to learn everything still while adventuring around. When you are grown up, more features are enabled for you.

While Minecraft is very blocky, TUG will be having very smooth terrain in which the blocks with which you build will merge in.

TUG allows you several RPG elements such as certain tasks you can perform. You can use magic and weaponry or craft. Everything you do in the world of TUG, will affect your character. You will see for example muscles growing.

Here’s a list of their plans:

– Integrated modding support:
we won’t just have support for modding tools hooked in from the beginning — we’ll be sharing our tools with modders.
– Pets and Companions will join you in your travels and help along the way.
– Entire Civilizations lie hidden for you to uncover… or create new ones to conquer the world!
– Day, Night, and Seasonal Cycles with perils and opportunities unique to each.
– Exotic Wild Beasts to tame, hunt, breed, or ride!
– Logic Engineering, from simple trap triggers to reprogramming your golem!
– Dark Mysteries to unearth, and ancient powers to unleash!
– DRM-Free. That includes the servers, which we’ll also be sharing with you.

So it’s going to be an open world game. You will be able to join their servers or make your own. You will be able to mod the game and what is perhaps even more interesting. is that they will be able to monitor your gameplay experiences. With this type of monitoring they will be building even more content that is to our liking.

Everything will be about crafting though, whether that is your house, your weapons and tools, your armour. Yes even your bagspace of your inventory is craftable. At some later point there will be RPG elements added to the game. The magic will also be available through crafting and so you will be able to create pets that serve you in your adventures.

No we can even go further with the crafting depth: there won’t be any name tags above people’s heads, third person camera’s, birds eye’s view of the world or minimaps present. All of this and more needs to be crafted in-game before you can use them.

Items in the game will have a weight, meaning that you will have to choose well which weapons or armour or other items you take with on your adventure. This makes it also more interesting for combat as you cannot take all your favourite weapons with you. Every item has its unique abilities and you will be required to know your skills well if you engage into combat.

NerdKingdom is a group of scientists, researchers, technologists, economists, content creators, artists, modders, and gamers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

By using Kickstarter, Nerdkingdom can stay independent and produce the quite risky game that other publishers wouldn’t bother with.
The main promise is perhaps even more interesting of Nerdkingdom: every dollar spend will be used for the game and not for any of the employees.

TUG will start alpha testing with the backers that chose that reward tier after the campaign in July 2013. By January 2014 they hope to start beta testing and by January 2015 they will prepare for the official launch. Alpha and beta are basicly the full games already, just that they might be more buggy.

It definitely looks promising. I will be looking into this game a little closer I think and hope to get into alpha or beta to show you some of this awesome game.

Do you feel like backing them up as well? than check out their video below and give them some cash in return for an alpha or beta of the game!

Game on!


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