Review: Lego City Undercover (WiiU)


TTGames have decided to mix the gameplay of both Grand Theft Auto and the Lego series into one game. Has the gamble paid off? If you ask me it sure has!


The story is about the cop Chase MCCain and your mission is to arrest the evil villain “Rex Fury” from causing havock on Lego City.

Like in Grand Theft Auto, the game allows you to ‘hijack cars’ from people, not as a thief but as a cop, and drive them around in an open world environment. The Lego part in it is the addition of the classic Lego series humour and storyline cutscenes.

Chase McCain as a police officer is able to change costumes that unlock different roles and abilities in the game. You can easily switch between these with your controller. During the game, several new costumes can be found and unlocked for switching.

While driving you can hit objects with your car. This will break both your car and objects bit by bit, but this gives you lego blocks which function as the points of the game. A certain amount of blocks will allow you to build mega-builds. These mega-builds allow you certain functionality for the story as well as add more functionality to the city depending on where these exist.

You can also collect these blocks by using the character’s offensive ways of moving around by the use of the different costumes.

To give you an example on mega-builds: in the city you can build for example a train station to get onto a train to move faster around the map. There are also places where you can build a car summon pad to let a helicopter bring you a new police car. On other places in the storyline the mega builds function as a way to continue the story.

Although you can move around freely in Lego City, to be able to continue the story you will have to follow the straight lined storyline objectives. On the map you can see where your next location will be. Also a green trail to follow is visible when you are driving in the city. There are certain missions that load a different location (of the map).

The WiiU gamepad is deeply integrated into the game. For Chase McCain the WiiU Gamepad exists as a communicator with a lot of software for extra functionality, such as a navigator (the map), a scanner for finding hidden objects (camera), a camera for taking pictures (camera), you can use it to scan for sound to for example find pigs in the game (yep.. pigs).

Sound and music
The game has background noises from a busy city and a lot of different brilliantly composed music during the rest of the gameplay. Most characters have voices and is spot-on. A lot of humour is added to all what the Lego City citizens have to say.


The graphics look very realistic. It’s like a mixture of textured 3D objects and Lego objects. All 3D objects have shadows and water also looks fantastic. The Lego objects can ofcourse be broken to pieces while the realistic 3D objects cannot. Even though you can see the border between 3D textured objects and the Lego objects, they are well integrated with each other. Lego objects are standing or hanging on logical locations and playing important roles in the game.

The cutscenes used in the game are both CG and ingame graphics. CG generally has better graphics and motion ofcourse, but you do not see much of a difference between the two. It really feels like you are part of an interactive movie.

The good and the bad

The good:
– huge open world
– lots of collectibles
– varied gameplay
– great story
– the basic gameplay is easy, collecting everything is where the challenge lies

The bad:
– loooong loading times
– not as challenging for a pro-player, but this isn’t meant to be a game for the pro-gamer

If you are looking for a charming, funny game that is targeted for the younger audience, than Lego City Undercover is definitely your type of game. The game has great humour and is very forgiving, so it can be played and completed by the less experienced or younger player.

“Lego characters don’t die, they break into pieces!”.

The storyline has lots of hilarious humourous situations. The main bad thing in this game is the amount of patience you will need for the long loading times, but the fantastic graphics, voice-overs and music make up for that. On top of that, the game offers a lot of replayability with the added collectibles.

A fantastic game for young and old as well as families to share and watch, while one is playing.

We earlier made a video of one of the missions. Note that watching this video will spoil the surprise if you haven’t played the game yet.

Video: Lego City Undercover – A Mission in the Mine:

Game on!

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