Shadow of the Eternals


Who remembers that wonderfull horror game that was out on the Nintendo Gamecube: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem? [/intro]

To those who loved that game and wanted a sequel, some great news. Precursor Games is working on the spriritual successor called Shadow of the Eternals and it is heading to both PC and WiiU!

It will be an episodic game divided into 13 episodes. You can read more about it in this article on IGN.

Precursor Games will not use a traditional way of publishing and will therefore depend on the fanbase and their wallets. More news will be coming out at next monday on Precursor’s own website as it is currently just showing a countdown clock. On Monday they will start their crowdfunding campaign to collect a total of 1,5 million dollars to produce the game.

If you also feel that Eternal Darkness should get a sequel, than you will be able to back the project on Monday at:

I can safely say that I am looking very much forward to this game as Eternal Darkness was my favourite horror game of all time.

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