Rayman Challenges App for WiiU


For today’s article we made a small video of Rayman Challenges App for WiiU.


This game, if you may call it a game, has been exclusively launched to WiiU as a ‘sorry’ to the fact that Ubisoft delayed the launch of their game Rayman Legends. Rayman Legends was supposed to come out in the first Quarter of 2013 for WiiU only and come later to the other consoles. Right before the launch Ubisoft decided to instead launch Rayman Legends together with the other consoles in November 2013. This brought a wave of annoyance over Ubisoft and this made them decide to launch a smaller game for WiiU exclusively before the launch of Rayman Legends.

Rayman Challenges App is effectively the demo plus some challenge levels. The challenges allow you to compete against other WiiU Rayman Challenge App players. The game keeps track both of weekly scores and daily scores. Every day a new chance on being at the top. There are two different challenges at the first difficulty level.

One of them is collecting a certain amount of lumies as fast as possible (timer). The other is an endless level in which you will have to make the longest run possible (without letting the running Murphy die). In this last challenge the score is measured in meters.

Every completed run’s collected amount of lumies will add to your total lumies score. The lumies score will help you unlock more functionality and characters.

Every challenge has the ability to show so called “ghosts” which are basicly the competitors of the level, so you can see whether you will end up faster than the others. You can also be among the ghost competitors when you’ve played a level once before that day. That way you can see whether you are improving your own score or not.

The video describes it all, so check it out:

The app is available for free on the Nintendo eShop.

Game on!

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