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Today we focus on Nintendo which came with a lot of new things this week.


WiiU System Update
Today the big and long awaited WiiU System update came out. It took a good time downloading and installing, but then you also have a fantastic new and fast system in your hands. Both console and gamecontroller (gamepad) did get a software update.

The main features of this update are that the console is faster at loading games and applications and that updates and downloads can happen in the background while you have turned your system “off”. This turning off means that you are not playing with the console, it isn’t really running but goes in a sort of standby mode to do just the downloads and installs. While it is in this standby mode, the LED light will turn orange. One should note though that it isn’t allowed to unplug power or to plug/unplug USB devices while the console is in the standby mode.

Here are some of the other features of this system update:
– The console can also install updates while you are playing a game.
– When pressing the B button while powering on the console, the Wii system will boot straight away without the need to boot the WiiU operating system first.
– You will be able to copy and move around your save data between the WiiU system and the USB devices as well as between the USB devices.

For the complete list of updates, see:

Virtual Console
Tomorrow the Virtual Console software will be added to the WiiU, along with a list of old NES and Super Nintendo games, such as Super Mario World, Excitebike, Mario’s Super Picross, F-Zero, Ice Climber, Donkey Kong Jr. and Punch-Out.

Later on we can also expect classics such as Pac Man, Super Metroid and Mega Man, Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. series will be available soon. Popular Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 games will also be added in the future.

Nintendo on E3
Nintendo has last week announced to not have any big conference at E3 this year, but nonetheless they will be there to showcase new content for their consoles.

Miiverse on other platforms
Miiverse is now also available on the internet, which you can open in a browser on either PC or mobile phone.
Website Miiverse:
There is also an Android app, but this app isn’t released by Nintendo (own risk in other words).

Ubisoft has released Rayman Legends Online Challenges mode on the WiiU. We’ve downloaded it and are testing it out. We hope to come with some sort of review or video the coming week.

That’s it for today!

Game on and have a good weekend!

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