MC – Creation of contest map


A couple of days ago I prepared the ‘ Contests’ map on our Minecraft server. This flatworld designed map is basicly just emptyness. So it was pretty hard to start creating something on a planet full of grass.


Oh, and I thought I was alone, but apparantly I forgot about turning off the creation of villager cities, so surprisingly I wasn’t alone.
I started off with this video by trying to craft everything by hand, until I figured out how to use the plugins effectively. Worldedit let’s you do a lot of interesting things, so I have tried to make use of this plugin for this map.

First of all, I created a Creative Mode Survival building grid for a contest in which we will let the contestants build the object requested in a set limited time.

Later on in the video I also design the similar grid size for the creation of the survival mode contest and fill the grid with some basic materials with which the player can build the requested object.

Via the editor MCEdit I then copy the materials to all the other areas in the grid as to make sure that all players start out with the same and will not have any advantages over the other.

Why do I say requested object? Well because we plan to ask the player to create an object in a certain set theme. This could be like a little house/hut but it could just aswell be a certain object – with or without functionality. Creative mode contest will have a time limit, survival mode uses limited resources. It will be interesting to see what people will build in this contest.
Ofcourse, over time we will just expand on the existing grid.

So, check out my video:

and then I just say: Game on! Because soon we will be back with an actual contest video!


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