Minecraft 1.6 first preview


With MineCraft 1.5.1 released and running and Bukkit also getting up-to-date slowly, Mojang has started their development on the next big patch.


Upcoming patch will be focused on adding more ambience to the Minecraft experience. I have no clue what they want to call it yet, but “Pets” could be a name for it. More importantly they are fixing a lot of bugs. I still hope for generator changes as I feel like that the current generator is still slightly boring.

One of the bigger changes is the arrival of a renewed launcher. The launcher will be capable of you being able to switch between versions quickly and easy. The launcher allows you to play both on the 1.5.1. version as well as on current and upcoming preview versions of the game.
Currently the launcher is simply named differently so it saves in a different directory then the original minecraft.
Perhaps it will even allow for loading versions below 1.5 of Minecraft to enjoy a more vanilla style of the game for those who like that.

Mojang releases snapshots on a weekly basis so that the playerbase can beta test the content and find the possible bugs before they would release a new major version.

First of all Minecraft 1.6. will be build for Java version 6 instead of 5, so this has a lot of changes in mind on a system level. Jeb is also aiming for a higher version of OpenGL requirement, so that more functionality and better code can be used.
As for the main features what you will notice as a player, this is all about adding more ambience to the game, creatures to be specific. As a starter they figured that we should be using horses to transport ourselves over the long
distances in the game and we will be able to use donkeys for transporting goods.

Here’s the list for 13w16a (week 13):
– added horses, based upon the work of a modder “Mo’Creatures”
– added donkeys with chests (these are actually on chance spawn of the horse egg)
– added hay bales (for the poor horses to eat)
– added leashes (to make sure they don’t run off)
– added carpets (to make your houses look even more beautiful!)
– Respiration enchantment can also be used to see underwater.

I’ve tested around a little bit so here you see my screenshots.
I can’t wait for the next snapshot!

Game on!


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