Nintendo WiiU news


On yesterday’s Nintendo 3DS Direct also some WiiU news was being presented.


Next week there will be a system update which will bring improvements and bugfixes to the console. The console will be even faster starting up and loading games.

A new feature will be added to the WiiU in which it will be possible to make backups – from one harddisk to another. Backups are important, especially for those with the basic edition.

System updates will also be able to be run when the system is offline after coming patch.

Pressing B while starting the console will launch the Wii straight away.

Virtual console will be released together with the patch, many old classics will be playable!

The long awaited game earthbound or mother 2 is finally coming to europe on Virtual console!

A new application named “Panorama View” will come available – Panorama view is an application with 360 degrees photos of certain important places from around the world. With the WiiU gamepad you can then make pictures of this experience that you can share with others.
Panorama View will be costing 1,79 euro.

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