Summary of today’s Nintendo Direct


Nintendo started their Nintendo Direct broadcast with Luigi, Mario and Iwata bowing to their public.

Lets start with the best news ever!

The Legend of Zelda is coming to the 3DS!!!
Who remembers the fantastic title The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past? Fan’s rejoice, the 3DS is getting a direct sequel to it. The title doesn’t have a name yet, but Nintendo did show us some awesome footage of the game! The game will play in the same world as A Link to the Past with brand new dungeons, items skills and a story! I am looking extremely forward to this.

Thank you Nintendo!

Games announced for the 3DS:

Mario and Luigi Dream Team Brothers:
– play as Mario and Luigi, but this time you have to travel between the world of dreams and the mushroom kingdom. – The gameplay footage was shown off in this Nintendo Direct, and it will be in stores 12.07.2013.

Mario Golf World Tour
– This time they showed some online features such as that you can upload your own scores,
– play online,
– join different communities and
– make onlines games with your own rules such as “only play as Luigi”.

New Mario Party has been announced
– It will feature seven game modes. An example would be a luck based game mode.
– Next to the game modes it will contain 81 new mini games.
– Mario Party is coming out this winter.

Donkey Kong Returns 3D
– This time they added a new game mode which will be easier than the Wii version. Instead of 2 hearts each time, you will have now 3 hearts per character.
– The new mode includes new items such as Portable barrel = summon Diddy Kong anywhere.
– Green ballon summons a balloon if you fall into the endless pit to save your life!
– Crash guard deflects enemies if you should crash into them.
– 8 new levels, only available after you finished the game.

Yoshi’s Island 3 has been announced fo the 3DS.
– Beautiful art style
– Players take control of Yoshi with baby Mario riding his back.
– All skills return, such as egg tossing.
– Yoshi’s jumping skills,
– swallow enemies for eggs
– mega egg toss.

Mario and Donkey Kong, Minis on the Move:
– this is a special puzzle game, only downloadable from the eShop.
– features new amazing puzzles that will use both screens.
– offers all kinds of different gameplay

Coming May the 9th, Fire Emblem – Awakening
– will offer different map packs that you can download for a small amount of money,

Lego City Undercover – The Chase Begins
– some cool gameplay was shown

Animal Crossing – New Leaf
– you can visit other players towns in a new mode called dream mode.
– you can do changes without damaging the other players’ progress.
– you can copy their design back to your own town.

3DS games that are finally seeing an European release!

– The starship Damray
– Bugs vs Tanks – Attack of the Friday Monsters
– Shin Megan Tansai 4 and
– Proff Layton & The Miracle Mask


And the biggest hit of them all Bravely Default Flieng Fairy is coming to Europe.

I am very happy to see that Nintendo does listen to their fans. A lot of news was shown for the WiiU as well but I will put that in a seperate post.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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