GW2 Adventure Box: Behind the Scenes

Last week ArenaNet published a video on youtube about Super Adventure Box.

In Guild Wars 2, Moto, an asura inventor, created Super Adventure Box as a way to teach young asura important life skills, like cooperation and avoiding poisonous water.

In this video ArenaNet’s environment artist and coordinator for Super Adventure Box Josh Foreman talks about the design and idea behind both the Mad King Tower and the Super Adventure Box.

He refers here to the many good old games that he grew up with and the process that went into creating the Super Adventure Box. He also tells you, the player, what you can do in the Super Adventure Box. The Super Adventure Box is still available in the game until the 30th of April 2013.

And this might just be the beginning.. because both the Mad King Tower and the Super Adventure Box have been inspiring for developing future (jumping puzzle) content.

Got interested? check it out here:

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