CrossCode, an HTML 5 game


Today I was browsing the internet and by my surprise I came across this interesting looking game called CrossCode.


Currently you can play their tech demo but they plan to make a full fledged game out of this and I can safely say I was pleasantly surprised.

Normally I don’t give web-based games much thought, since they are fun for a few minutes, but this really caught my attention.

Cross Code puts you in the role of a blue haired girl who can summon energy balls and throw them at anything she wants. You have to jump across platforms, activate switches, destroy robots and use your brain to solve the many puzzles. The atmosphere in the game is fantastic! The game looks like a classic 2D platformer from the 90s era. That what got me surprised was the level of detail, the platforming, the physics and the music – everything is well put together.

Currently you can play only a tech demo, so don’t expect the game to be long, but nonetheless has it all the elements that make a platformer really fun.

The game is programmed in Javascript using the HTML 5 canvas. The game will work on any platform and browser that supports HTML5 and if everything goes well they will make also a WiiU version.

Radical Fish Games are the developers behind this amazing browser based game.

So why not check it out and show your support? I for one can’t wait for this amazing game to be finished.

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