Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards up


Today the Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards went live!


From the new website part you can now select the world part you are playing in (America vs Europe). There are three leaderboards present:

– Player vs Player
– World vs World
– Achievements

Both Player vs Player and Achievements show players and their score, while World vs World shows the server name with its score. At default only the best 5 are shown, but you can click on a link below the top 5 to show more of that type.

The PvP boards are based on tournament matches, which players will need to have participated in at least ten of before their stats are tracked by the leaderboard.

We will help you out here with giving you the direct links to the full leader board lists:

– Player vs Player

– World vs World

– Achievements

I selected here ofcourse Europe. For the American version you will have to visit the main link (in the beginning of this article).

The full version of the leaderboards show you the best 100 (except for World vs World where all the worlds are ranked).
Any of the above links lead you to the same page where there is tabs on the top for the different leaderboards. With 25 records at a time, it will take you three clicks to see all 100 rankers. Some of the headers are clickable to sort agaisnt them. In my opinion they could have made all columns sortable, as I want to see if my server is among the lists.

I suppose this is an early version of the leaderboards and that it will be improved continuously in the time to come.

Now I better get back ingame to improve my rank (haha)!

Game on!


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