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Love martial arts? Love Chinese Ming historic culture? Love playing an MMO on these terms?
Age of Wushu is all that, and more. Age of Wushu is an extremely popular MMO in China right now. In two days from now Age of Wushu comes out for the rest of us.


Apart from that the game is true eyecandy, it also offers a lot of depth and gameplay. It’s not a game for everybody, as it also comes with open world PvP.
Open world also means that your character stays online all the time.

The combat in Age of Wushu is based on the strict logic of real-world martial arts, and has been compared to the classic game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Moves types are divided into Overt Attacks (Rock), Feints (Scissors), and Parries (Paper).

The animations of the combat are then also true to their real-world example, due to MotionCapture of professional martial art performers.

The games’ skill system is very detailed. I have been watching a video to try to understand it, but even the person trying to explain this had trouble with that.

For the character designers this is also a great game as you get a lot of possibilities to make your character look the way you want it. Lot’s of sliders to change details on your face. Don’t expect here any European faces though, we are in the Ming Dynasty afterall.

To get further in this game you will have to join a school (later also factions). These schools are basicly factions in which you will find a lot of guilds. The schools are the places where you learn the school specific martial art skills. So specialization and customization is also possible here.

Schools and factions are generally always in war with other schools, which is the PvP I was talking about earlier.
Some schools are evil, others aren’t. Generally your evil status has also to do with what you do yourself in the game.
If you kill a player or NPC without having a special status, you will end up in big trouble or you could end up in jail.

Nonetheless I do think that there are safe havens in the game (perhaps the towns?).

The environment is very lush and vibrant, full of colour and detail. Later on (I’ve been watching the reports for the Chinese version that has been running already quite some time) seasons will be added to the game, giving even more detail to the experience.

The environment comes with beautiful chinese style music. The game has mounts such as horses early on in the game available.

You can switch between the combat interface and the life skills interface. With the life skills interface you can perform jobs or open your own shop.

Jobs are like professions as in any other game, but here they got to the detail. The very first job you have is the begger. As a begger you can beg for money in the streets.
You can learn how to gather various materials and you can craft a great amount of items and utilities by the many professions out there.
The crafted materials can be combined to create even better items or you could open a shop on the market to sell them to other players.

Some jobs contain minigames to complete a crafting. Among the jobs I saw:
– fishing,
– gathering,
– creating weaponry and armour, including tailoring
– healing
– jewelcrafting
I’m sure I missed out a few here.
I also saw that the Chinese version is going to get patched for the new life skill dating (!).

The game comes with two different valutas:
– silver for buying from NPC’s (soulbound or account bound items)
– silver coins for buying from other players
– gold coins for vanity items on ingame shop

If you choose to logout, you are warned for that your character will stay in the game. You could help around town or watch out for spies around your school.

The games’ controls aren’t the best out there and also the minimap makes it difficult to find your way around. Perhaps this will be improved in future patches. Their custom engine gives the possibility to expand content very easily.

There’s probably much more to tell here, but I just wanted to give you a short preview of the game. I am sure more information will come available the coming days.

It is at least a game with true eyecandy, cool martial arts, deep gameplay and skills and has a great potential, even for the Western market.

Here’s a video from Age of Wushu:

You can play the game for free, but than it is heavily limited by the amount of time a day and a lot of functionality in the game. At any time you can upgrade to get the full amount of features and playtime unlocked.

Check the website out for more info and media:

Game on!


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