Super Adventure Box Video


Today a small article with a huge video of our Super Adventure Box adventure in Guild Wars 2.


Last wednesday we decided to record our experiences with Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2. We (The Game Mistress and Steven) did this together with our guildleader Treb from “Behold the Mighty Cabbage”.

Super Adventure Box is an added gameplay element in the theme of April Fool’s day, but instead it lasts for the whole month of April. Moto (Miyamoto?) is the Azuran creator of this gaming system and also the researcher, researching the project and all their testing subjects (us). The Game system consists currently out of two worlds (world two is incomplete) and world one has three levels and a bonus stage.

Together we had a rather fun experience with lots of epic fails and retro memory moments in a MineCraft blocky styled world with elements of Guild Wars 2, Zelda, Super Mario and many other retro games.

I’d say, don’t waste any more time reading this article, but instead watch our video!

Game on and happy weekend!

Steven, The Game Mistress and Treb

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