1st of April Jokes 2013


Here are the highlights of this years April Jokes.


Great game developers or games have published interesting new products for the time to come. But wait a moment? Did I just read there the first of April?! Yes correct, yesterday it was the first of April again. A day full of jokes and fun and confused people.

To start with, Mojang announced after its great succes on MineCraft to release MineCraft 2.0 this year. Unfortunately for many, this was a 1st of April joke. Amazingly enough with this joke is that they have used people in the youtube minecraft community have been with Mojang on this joke!

Runes of Magic announced a new race, but this was actually a joke and a combination of a mount and a race.

But ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2) managed to introduce a sort of joke and new functionality in one go! They made funny references towards Nintendo and a whole age of gaming with their Super Adventure Box. The Super Adventure box is like a Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo’s boss Myamoto is also there, an Azura named Moto. Inside the Adventure box you will find 3 levels to explore and play through with lot’s of challenges and puzzles. And all of that in the style of your favourite 8bit 2D games of the past. A total mixture of Zelda, Sonic and Super Mario Bros.

The game comes with a currency (baubles) which can be used to buy interesting weapon skin’s.
While other 1st of April jokes are lasting only one day, in Guild Wars 2 you will be able to enjoy the content a little longer, all the way to the end of April.

See you the next time!


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