Mojang talks about MineCraft Realms


Mojang posted about MineCraft Realms on their website.


MineCraft Realms is a system that is in development by Mojang. Perhaps you’ve heard about it before, perhaps this is totally new for you. I heard about the name, but didn’t know what it was about, neither that it was by Mojang themselves.

MineCraft Realms will become a server rental service for Minecraft players that want to run their own server but have no resources for it. Sofar I have no clue yet what this implies, but I get the feeling it will become the original server version that comes with MineCraft.
With the later coming MOD API for both game and server, I suppose that the original MineCraft Server becomes more interesting than it is currently. Also can the hosting business of MineCraft be a very lucrative good money business for Mojang and the service would fit very well to their product.

Next to MineCraft Realms for the normal PC version / Mac / Linux, there will also come out a MineCraft Pocket Realms that will give the pocketversion of the game a server environment to play around with.

How much MineCraft Realm servers will cost and with how many people you will be able to play on the servers is not clear yet. The system is just in early alpha testing with a select group of people.

We will have to follow the developments of these systems the coming time. For myself it doesn’t seem to be too interesting though. I rather run my CraftBukkit version of the MineCraft server and run this on my own servers which support much more plugins and people.

Read on Mojang’s pages more about this new system in development.

Happy Easter and game on!


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