Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass


Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass

SmartGlass seems to be Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s WiiU tablet. SmartGlass was presented at a Pre-E3 press conference last June.


This new device isn’t the earlier leaked information on a set of glasses that you would put on your head, but rather a tablet that will display information or can be used as an alternative playstyle controller for games.

Microsoft has currently not much of a showcase of games that will be working with this, but rather says that it is currently more of “a platform for game and application developers to work with”.

In a more recent interview with the magazine Joystiq, a Microsoft representative said that all Microsoft’s home produced games will support and use Microsoft SmartGlass technology. The device supports communication with smart telephones and works as a link between them and the Xbox game or application. This means that you will be able to use your Android or Iphone to control certain aspects in a game, such as defending the goal in sports, or view more information on a game or movie. Microsoft did however show what it could be used for and showcased their own HBOGo app (a TV Channel in the US that broadcasts series and other movies) in which the tablet simply shows background information, history and character background for the series or movie you are watching. And all that without pressing a button. All information is simply streamed to the device via WIFI.

SmartGlass: The Universal Companion

Another example on E3 was that the SmartGlass (or your smartphone/tablet via the SmartGlass) will display statistics for bosses and enemies in games or maps to find your way around.

From (Indie) developers we can expect mostly casual gaming content for this device, but Microsoft lets them entirely free in developing new uses for the device. Since they released their SDK at the 22. June 2012, developers are able to dive into the code to develop awesome games and applications. We are interested in this development, but we are wondering what we will do with so many different tablets for all the different consoles in our house.

A release date has not been announced yet, but it is speculated for a release somewhere before the end of this year.

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