Guild Wars 2 Back to Retro


Today the patch went live in Guild Wars 2 and, boy what a joy it is. I am very happy with the new patch because it adds more depth in WvW and the living story.


The thing that took me by surprise was the Nintendo reference. Yes, you read it right! Rata Sum has a GIANT GameCube and who is controlling it? Well the master himself, Moto, who looks like Miyamoto and speaks like Miyamoto.

This so called over-sized gamecube will be part of an Aprils fool joke from ArenaNet. The game will venture into the 8-bit era. The controller reminds me of an old NES/Atari.

There will be a new minigame that will somehow give you the unique super weapon and achievements. These weapons are all reference from games such as the Legend of Zelda series. Here are some screenshots I wanted to share.

I am very curious what the first of April will bring. What do you think?

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