Guild Wars 2 The Razing Patch

Tomorrow evening ArenaNet will release another (big) patch to Guild Wars 2 in their recent live story series called Flame & Frost.

The epic story continues in the third part of the Flame & Frost series. A hybrid army erupts through portals in the Shiverpeaks and an army of dredge and charr Flame Legion is going to massacre anything that stands in their way. You will meet two new characters, Braham and rox the charr, two heroes, that try to defend their homelands.

New features:

– Two epic missions from two (anti?) heroes. Together you will defend them from the armies attacking the homeland.
– New WvW progression and abilities
Which means new WvW ranks and new World XP with which you will be able to buy titles and abilities.Also there will be new WvW achievements for you to explore and achieve.
– New Guild Bounty Hunt Targets
– More fugitives will be on the run, so multiple possible targets that one will have to randomly get assigned to kill.

Introducing Leaderboards
The website with statistics will not be active yet until a week or so after tomorrow’s patch. In game the leaderboards will give you statistics on WvW ranks, PvP player rankings and total achievement points.

I’m interested in two things: The new storyline and the leaderboards can be interesting because of that you normally cannot see stuff that another one is wearing or having or total scores such as points in Achievements.


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