Good bye Age restriction on nintendo Eshop!

To all European wiiU owners REJOICE! Today Nintendo have officially announced that the age restriction on the Eshop has been removed for good!

What does this mean? That means you no longer neeed to wait until after 11 pm GMT to download your 18-plus titles such as Ken’s Rage 2, ZombiU and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge!

This feature is most welcome as before it was rather annoying. The age restriction feature was meant to protect your child(ren) from 18+ content on the Nintendo eShop. If you wanted to download 18+titles on the eShop, you had to wait until 11 pm, even if you were over 18 years old! This was a huge annoyance especially to those who did not have any children. So to all those frustrated players out there!

Fear no more, the german restriction has been removed!

Thank you

The Game Mistress

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