Restoring players’ health by food

This is my first article in this new series where I explore the food market for gaming food in real life. In this first article I explore the method of healing of a player by food.

In most games when the player’s health is low, the player just needs to find some food and eat it and get all healthy again. You see this in old console games as well as the newer ones and even in MMO’s you will see this back. For example in World of Warcraft you can eat food to get healthy again or drink water to gain back mana.

How logical is that really? When you break your leg, do you eat some bread to grow your bone? When you cut in your finger, does it help to drink some tea?

It will surely sooth, or put your mind on different things. Of course it is important to still eat and drink even after you got hurt, but it will not completely heal you up to top in one go. At least, we do not have such technology quite yet.

We do have herbal teas, headache tablets and the like that will sooth the pain or temporarily remove the pain.

The people of this video have actually put it to the test. They made sure their best friends went out for a drinking party. When they finally got into their beds at 4am, they took them out of their beds and then served a full scale gaming styled food menu.

Well, see for yourself what the result is of that:

(warning to people with a weak stomach)

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