Gameplay video for NFS Most Wanted WiiU


Recently, EA released a new video showing more of the WiiU specific features for their Need for Speed: Most Wanted game.


The video shows new features such as co-pilot mode, in which a second player can help you out with a normal Wii remote.
The co-pilot is able to help you out when you got yourself stuck in a difficult situation in the game such as taking sharp turns into different streets to get rid of the Cops. Next to that you will also be able to control the speedboost, adjust the difficulty of the Cops and you can change mods from your gamepad aswell, such as switching between day and night and switching the traffic on or off.

Check it out yourself:

Need for Speed: Most Wanted for WiiU is scheduled to be released in Europe on the 21st of March 2013.

Game on!


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