Zen Pinball 2 for WiiU


If you love Pinball games and insanity in the same time, then Zen Pinball is the game for you.


Title: Zen Pinball 2 for WiiU
Published : Jan 31, 2013
Publisher: Zen Studios

Once upon a time there was a ball that had to go out and find his true love… never mind, Zen Pinball doesn’t come with a storyline. It is a Pinball game for crying out loud!

Simple pinball gaming, but with a twist. Each table offers its unique theme with its own missions and challenges. It’s like what you expect from a pinball game, you have to beat the highscore of other players (or yourself). Thanks to the online system, you can give yourself the challenge to beat the highscore of your friends. Depending on how many tables you have played, you and your friends will have an own team score. Your teamscore will increase depending on your performance on each table. The WiiU version of the game is advertised to be free, but if you want to play a table, you have to buy and download this from the Nintendo eShop. Each table does offer a trial download, but the gameplay of these little demo’s are way too short.

There are many tables to choose from, such as:

– Plant vs Zombies
– Marvel themed tables
– Mars

and many more that are super enjoyable.

The reason why this pinball game is rather special is because of the tremendous amount of interactions with the theme’s characters and elements. The atmosphere changes all the time in the game and it really pulls you into the different “stories”.

New tables will be available in the future.

The graphics in this Pinball game are amazing! A lot of beautiful effects that pull you in.
Both the background and foreground are having animations. Do keep track of your ball, the amount of interactions on both foreground and background do tend to distract you.

Sound & Music:
I love the music in the game. It really gives the proper feel and atmosphere to the table you are playing. The sound effects are the type you would expect from a real Pinball machine. Unfortunately do the voices on some of the tables get on your nerves after a while.

Good points
– Offers a great variety in tables and themes
– Each mission on the table offers an interesting twist
– Fantastic music and beautiful graphics make it worthwhile
– compete against your friends in teamscore and put your highscore on the world leaderboards

Bad points:
– The trial version of the tables are way too short
– a free game that isn’t free as each table has to be bought
– you have to buy all the tables to play against your friends and be part of the online world leaderboards
– The voice acting on some of the tables can become annoying over time
– Interactions and animations on both foreground and background can distract you easily from your focus on the ball.

Zen Pinball for WiiU offers a wide variety in Pinball gameplay on different tables. Each theme is very enjoyable and come with their unique set of challenges, missions (and in a way a story). There is a lot of interaction with the characters and elements of the table. The game can easily be expanded with more tables for download. The game comes with a highscore and a teamscore system. With the online part of the game, you can compete your highscore with others on the world on a world leader board. The graphics and sound and music fit very well in with the game and add to the total atmosphere of the theme you are playing in. With all the graphics in mind, the interactions and animations to tend to distract you from the focus on the ball. The trial versions of the tables are unfortunately rather short which means that you will have to buy each table separately to get the full potential out of the game.

I will make a gameplay video this week, which we publish beginning next week!

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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