Next week


Well, a new week brings new opportunities right? Here is info on what will be posted.


I have gotten my hands on this wonderful, funny, charming, little game: Kirby adventures (Wii). During next week I hope to have a proper review up and running. My thoughts so far: this game is amazing colourful and all that which looks cute, will kill you. Hmm doesn’t that count for real life?

Review Pandora’s tower
I have finished the game Pandora’s Tower. I am writing a review about this game, which I hope to have posted in the beginning of next week! Let’s just say this is one heck of monster slashing, well thinking, adventure!

Microsof Smartglass
Iwill be writing a little preview about Microsoft’s new technology the SmartGlass. This is one little interesting handheld. That’s all I will say about it for now!

Minecraft: Farlands or Bust
This is about guy named Kurt. Him and his pet: Wolfie MC Wolfington. I will be writing about their quest to reach the Farlands in Minecraft.

This is what I hope to focus on in the coming week, but let me just say there is a little surprise going on which I won’t be sharing you at all, you just have to wait and see!


Probably some of you have noticed that Game Mistress has joined twitter:

We also added a little like button on the page, to like our FaceBook version of GameMistress.

Last but not least I will try to get a launch window together for August: What titles can we expect to be released for August. I hear there are some awesome titles, especially in the MMO world.

This sums it up for now! Stay tuned for news you never know what I will suddenly start blogging about. I always keep my eyes open in the world of gaming!

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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