Game Mistress – MineCraft with Friends

A while ago we played MineCraft on Steven’s server together with some of our Dutch friends. The assignment in this video was to find the safest way down in one of the ‘Superpits’ on the server.

It all started by that Steven had created some sort of container in which he teleported us all. The Game Mistress opened the video recording with welcoming and introducing everybody and then we all went exploring the Superpit. This didn’t go without all sorts of problems and funny acts.

I’ve tried to give some general gameplay advices along the way, even though I am not a pro MineCraft player. Are you ready to see a lot of us dieing in the game in every possible way?

Well then, take a look yourself:

In the future we hope to produce several similar experiences with our friends on the MineCraft server of Steven.

Note that this is part 1. Part 2 comes somewhere this weekend and who knows there will be more.

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