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OUYA! is soon to be shipped to Kickstarter backers with a lot of content already available.

Quite some OUYA news this month. They’ve said they are ready to sent the first batch of OUYA devices to their backers of Kickstarter by the 28th of March. The official release date is somewhere in June and the console will then cost 99 USD.

Today OUYA ask developers worldwide to please upload their game to Ouya for review. All of the games that are uploaded and accepted, will be available on the Kickstarter launch date on March 28.

After your game submission has been accepted, it will be added to the app store for Ouya and you will be able to make changes at no cost.

Among the better-known Ouya games coming from other platforms are Android ports like Mutant Mudds, Dead Trigger, and Shadowgun and major PC/console titles like The Cave, Double Fine Adventure, Hawken, and Final Fantasy III. Today Ouya also announced new deals for Ouya-exclusive titles from the likes of Airtight Games (Quantum Conundrum), Minority Media (Papo & Yo), and Tripwire Interactive (The Ball).

Also the ouya team announced that they plan to release a new version of the console every year. Well I say to that: first see than believe. Simply said.. as soon as Ouya has come out, several others will follow. There will soon be more opponents to Ouya with better hardware and it is even possible and quite likely (especially when you look in the direction of SmartTV’s) that TV’s will include the required hardware and software into their TV’s for this type of entertainment.

Also we shouldn’t forget what Ubuntu is doing at the moment. New mobile telephone technology and software like Ubuntu, will magically transform your mobile phone combined with your TV into a gaming console… or desktop PC.

Anyway, this article was about OUYA. We are eagerly awaiting OUYA so that we can unpack it and test it out for you and show this to you.. as well as play some games with it and write a nice review in the end.

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