Launch SimCity 5


Today came the re-released SimCity (5) out for North America, soon to be launched in Europe.

Developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, SimCity is the game where you build cities, plan how big cities should look like and much more.

In basicly what is the reboot of the series, Maxis has concentrated on making the city building more realistic and dynamic. Roads are now going to play an important role in how effective your city will be. Roads will not be limited to square and lines, but can also go in curves or in circles. Road types will decide what type of traffic will come to your city. Roads can next to cars and people also carry power, water and sewage.

Next to building cities and roads, the player will be able to specialize the industries of the city, such as manufacturing, tourism and education. Because of the engine used, the world will have a dynamic economy driven by the resources in the game (for example oil).

The engine uses very special techniques to simulate economy, traffic, Sim participation and population.

One of the more interesting (but also annoying) features is that in this SimCity you can play online multiplayer. The world will become a region devided world where your and all other cities will be part of.

Unfortunately EA has decided to force the player to be logged in to the Origin game service to be able to play the game, whether that is single player or multiplayer.

Audio follows what is going on in the game and will add the sound effects accordingly. Orchestrial music is chosen for the ambient music in the background.

SimCity 5 came out today in North America, and will come out on thursday and friday in the rest of the world.

As a SimCity 1 and SimCity 2000 player, am looking forward to this game and will have to buy it to try it out. Perhaps I will write a bit more thorough review of it after that.


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