Starcraft 2 expansion preview


On the 12th of March the first expansion to Starcraft 2 will come out.


In this new expansion by the name “Heart of the Swarm” the story will continue. The Zerg will play a central role in the story.You will also be able to evolve the Zerg by using the Kerrigan’s evolution pit. You might transform zerglings into leaping raptors or swarmlings focussing on damage or pure numbers. You can also mutate your units on the fly, making your zerg attack faster.

Multiplayer is improved and new units are introduced. There is an improved training system where you can train and explore all the new options and features.And ofcourse new maps are being introduced. Next to that Blizzard is improving the community features in the game and on the website and ofcourse there will be an all new and improved level editor.

The trailer was today introduced to the world on their Twitch.Tv channel:

It included a live discussion with Blizzard Developers Chris Metzen, Dustin Browder and Jeff Chamberlin as well as the community manager Kevin Johnson. Viewers can participate by sending questions using twitter or vine with ‘Vengeance’ as hashtag. After the discussion, top eSports commentators TotalBiscuit and dApollo hosted a showmatch with the new game elements.

Here’s the trailer:

This announcement was merely to announce the worldwide publication, another time in March I will look a little closer into Starcraft 2’s new expansion.

I am already looking forward to this new expansion.

Game on!


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