Guild Wars 2 introduces Guild Missions


ArenaNet will tomorrow launch their next patch in their latest Flame & Frost series.

The new episode in the live story will be called “The Gathering Storm” and will include many new features.

More refugees will come to the camps and stronger storms will occur that need to be hold back by the players. Along with the new storyline come the following features:

New PvP battleground Spiritwatch. – In this new map its about picking up an Orb of Ascension and taking it to one of the three wells on the map.

Introduction of guild missions – to earn guild merets. This could be anything from puzzles, to exploring to racing or finding special monsters to defeat. Cooperation and teamwork are key in these.

Two Team rated PvP – Arena’s like in WoW, your teams rating changes by every battle, you will fight equal rated teams.

Choose your own dailies – finally you will be able to choose which dailies you will complete

Preview items in the Tradepost / Auction House – you will be able to see what you buy, before you buy it.

Out of experience of the previous patch, I do not expect this patch before the evening at around 8pm GMT+1 or later.

Game on!


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