Why Nintendo should stay in the console market

Lately I have been hearing too many people crying “Nintendo should stop making consoles and focus on software” or “Nintendo should become a software company!”.

This seems to happen every time they are about to release a new console (should I mention the release regarding Wii and the 3DS?).

Now fair enough, people are more than welcome to stick to their own opinions, but here are some facts I would like to point out why they should stick to what they are doing best:

bringing fun and different gameplay to the gaming world

Nintendo couldn’t care less if Microsoft or SONY make power houses for the console market, what Nintendo is trying to do is to target a broader audience. Families, hardcore gamers, casual gamers, friends and so on.

They don’t only want to target the hard core market, or those who love graphics over gameplay, they neither want to only target those who want games with lots of blood and gore or only party games with Mario in it. They want to target people in any age group. Their goal is to get people to play together or like they have presented in their WiiU presentation: they want to connect the disconnected family members that are all sitting in the same room on different media devices. They want to make new diverse unique ways of playing games and interacting with each other in a playful way in your living room.. or abroad via the internet.

In my opinion it’s a great strategy. It’s refreshing to have a console that tries something different and to have games that try to create unique experiences. Let it be motion control, 3D technology, dual screens, playing with a drawing tablet, playing on this tablet while your father is watching sports, introducing the first console MII verse, training in your own living room. The list goes on and on.

They succeeded in getting the non-gamers to pick up a console and play it with the rest of their family. What matters is, people had fun when playing these games and Nintendo got the point with creating video games. They are supposed to be purely fun! Nothing more nothing less, nothing complicated. Off course fun can vary depending on each individual but to me they managed to deliver fun and not to forget my friends and family.

It’s cool that we have already two huge giants making hardcore graphical games that look amazing but nothing wrong with that, I myself do like graphics as well . But I also like to have something different to have fun with, something that isn’t pure horse power, something I can play with friends on and have a good laugh about, something that is unique, something that thinks outside the box. And we shouldn’t forget that the new WiiU is exactly going to fill that need that everybody is talking about. The circle is probably nearly complete. WiiU will be having enough graphical power for the graphical interested gamer. WiiU will get the right amount of bloody gore games to fill the cap to the more violent gamers. And Nintendo has always created several hardcore games for hardcore gamers that combine strategic thinking and playing skill via its intuitive gameplay.

Nintendo has been thinking outside the box for a long time and any idea they would like to try out, I embrace fully, just like any other new technology company will create for us consumers.

There is nothing wrong with being different, I find it exciting and amazing that a company can pull it successfully off time after time. Why be like a sheep following the herd, if you can be the shepherd leading them on their way?

I find it amazing they got so many non-gamers together introduced to the gaming world. So what if they are not hardcore? They are gamers non-the-less; they had fun.

That’s why I think Nintendo should keep on doing what they do best:

Bring innovation to the gaming world. Peace out!

The Game Mistress

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