News of 21st of February 2013

Here’s the news from the gaming world of today with Sony, Ubuntu, Mojang and Steam.

Yesterday Sony published more details to their next generation gaming console, the Playstation 4.
Sony didn’t display any in game graphics with the system itself, but instead discussed the features.

Here is the list of specs that are still under development:
– The CPU is a single-chip custom processor, a x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” with eight cores. A second chip is dedicated to managing uploads and downloads.
– The GPU is a similarly impressive AMD next-gen Radeon-based graphics engine that can make 1.84 trillion calculations a second.
– It will have an improbable 8GB of GDDR5 memory! If you’re reading this in 2016, that’s still really, really fast!
– will feature a built-in hard drive, size unknown,
– The PS4 also features a 6x speed Blu-Ray drive (compared to the PS3’s 2x speed one), an 8x speed DVD drive and USB 3.0 for high-speed transfer.

Sony says that they designed their new hardware with the developers’ needs in mind, giving a system that is both capable of handling the heavy requirements of todays’ gaming as well as the ability to create games for it in a relatively easier way than that was required for the PS3.

The console comes with many features that take into account all the new things of todays gaming such as sharing with Ustream or facebook, social systems where you can share and figure out what your friends are doing, a better interface and menu for the gamer to browse through, a more modern business model where games can be played while downloading and the interface shows suggestions on new games in the shop based upon previous buys.

As for environment friendly and user friendly, the console never really shuts down. It can enter a sleep mode in which the current game state and console state is saved in mind and the machine shuts off. After booting up again you can continue where you left off.

The new PS4 should be able to multitask and run multiple apps at once, much like the WiiU. It should be possible to use the internet to figure out how to beat the next boss while you are still playing the game.

Some or most games will feature a sort of remote play, which is playing on the PSVita.

There comes a new app for mobile phones (iOS and Android) allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet as a second screen for extra gaming details, much like Xbox360’s SmartGlass and WiiU’s gamepad.

It has been confirmed that the PS4 will NOT block pre-owned games.

Digital titles purchased from the PlayStation Store can be played as they download. The system will download the first part of the game so you can start playing it quickly, then continue to download the rest of the game’s assets in the background as you play. Hopefully with the new download system and always online and play while downloading, you won’t need to install games anymore which took so much time on the PS3.

The PS4 will also be able to update its software while it is switched off.

They say that the PS4 doesn’t require an always-online connection, but that automatically will mean that you cannot do a lot of the things they offer.

The PS4 will also come with a new controller where a lot of old-fashioned functions were scrapped and replaced with newer functionality and buttons.

The Playstation 4 Eye is an answer to the Kinect from MS Xbox360, complete with microphones, facial recognition etc.

Sofar 149 development studios and publishers have committed to support the PS4 in some way or another.

Ubuntu now also for Tablets
Ubuntu is since yesterday become the first company that managed to produce an OS to the big three: PC, mobile phone and tablet. On their website they even tell you how you can use this in your new way of working with pc’s. The new Ubuntu version is entirely optimized for tablet PC’s, with swiping action on all four sides, each with their own unique functionality. Also does the OS come with a special side scroller mode with which you can work on tablet apps on the left column and on your phone apps within the right column. Phone apps can be used by docking your Ubuntu telephone to your tablet.

As an office user, or a gamer for that matter, you can connect your Ubuntu telephone to the current standard of TV’s with HDMI. Along with a keyboard and mouse, you can get far with mobile working. You will be able to work with your TV and keyboard and mouse just by connecting your phone, or your tablet. Just think of being able to game all those nice games made for your mobile phone on a big TV screen straight from your phone. Or you write your next report or article for a website, or you watch a movie on your hotelroom without having to pay for PayTV. Check it out

Steam has now officially been released to the Linux public. The service was already sometime in beta, but it has now officially been released. With the celebration of the launch, Valve has released 57 games that are compatible with Linux on a lower price.

Just before the end of 2012 (and I totally missed it and just saw it a couple of days ago) Mojang released the long awaited Minecraft PI. This special version for Minecraft is for the last years launched “Raspberry PI” mini PC. Raspberry PI is a very nice bank card sized PC, which is meant for schools etc to learn their students to program games and the fun of gaming. You can read more about it or download it from:

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