Mojam 2013


Today was the start of the official Mojam 2013


Mojam is a new three day event created and organized by Mojang in which they program multiple games for the community and raise money for two charities. Mojam started today the 20th of February 2013 at 6pm GMT+1 and will run until Saturday 23rd of February 2013 at midnight GMT+1.

This years’ Mojam there are six teams working on in total eight different games. On yesterday’s blog Mojang asked the reader to help them choose themes for their games. The keywords that came out of this voting have become: “Endless, War, Kittens, Spaceship and Pizza”.

For three days long (most likely day and night) there are streams available via Mojang’s and their own special website ( on which you can watch their progress, ask questions and motivate them. Via the special website you can also donate money which will go to the two charities. Also you can see here the streams to the other teams working on their games.

At the end of the event a humblebundle will be released with all the game productions in it (for free).
I definitely am going to look into what they are up to and hope that some excellent funny games with good gameplay will come out of this.

Have fun!


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