Silence before the storm

In a typical silence before the storm, news is mostly about next generation consoles and new games to be released in the future.

People seems to be mostly occupied with Sony’s possible nextgen console and that of Microsoft Xbox. Within this silence before the storm, people believe that Nintendo’s WiiU console is falling rapidly down.
The thing is.. not enough games have come out to prove the console and its gameplay value.

Because not enough games have come out, not enough people have been interested buying the machine, or any games.What Nintendo said about making profit when they released their console is that people would need to buy two (or was it four?) games and their console to let Nintendo make profit. This obviously hasn’t happened yet. This excludes us though I think, we have bought more than the ordinairy.

But what I am trying to point out is that Nintendo hasn’t been able to prove their concept yet, because the games that came out with the console weren’t well enough programmed towards the console yet. Newer and better games are going to come, that is for sure, but as they weren’t there at the release, it is harming the release of the console a little.

I do though trust that this balance will be restored as soon as better games come out. And things like a later release of Rayman Legends clearly do not help in that situation. March however has a lot of new game releases to offer, so let’s wait and see.

As for Sony, I am sure they will come with a new console .. or something new at least, but whether that will be any better than what they already had or better than WiiU noone can say.
I feel though that they should spend more time on their existing console which still has plenty of capacity to produce high quality games. Perhaps tuning with their interface and online services will help a little. Another type of controller or interactivity would also help them.

With Microsoft Xbox360 we don’t really know what will be next for them. I believe they have created a lot of extra inputs and outputs and they continue working on those things. The added things can help the gameplay, but they cannot replace the gaming element entirely. Perhaps they should concentrate a little on getting the right people for the right type of games, whether that is third party or their own Microsoft Games Studio.

As for whether online is the future? I don’t know. I am sure a lot of players will be using the internet as they have that available in their house, but I think that the fun part of a console is that you can connect it to your TV and play games on it without having to have all these extra things like internet etc. You can basicly play a game on the TV in your holiday resort without internet. This is impossible would they start with online-only services.
But even more importantly, you will miss out on a group of players that don’t have the possibility to go online or to be online all the time. Not just one kid, but perhaps a whole country (third world countries especially), or a certain age group that has no allowance to be online (all the time).

Whatever they will come with the coming days or later at E3, it doesn’t really help to speculate about the details. Or make big fights over which console is the best / better one.

I think all consoles have a right to be there. They all serve the purpose of gaming, every gamer with its own style or type. Let us please concentrate on producing games that can be played on these consoles. It is about the games that really make or break a console and it is the gameplay that matters to the player.

March will have a lot of game releases for all consoles and that’s what the gamer is waiting for!

Game on!


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