Asheron’s Call 2 Ep 2 – Long Distances


It took a little longer than I hoped for to create a new episode in my Asheron’s Call 2 series.
After the first episode I asked the community to post their ideas (via a poll) on what I should explore next. Some of those choices I have taken into account for todays episode.

The first episode I did show you the character creation, the tutorial or start of the game and after that I showed you a first quest and some other features of the game. In this new episode I explore a bit of the surrounding areas and cities. We travel to Kehan and I show you how an allegiance hall looks like from the inside. An allegiance hall is a town hall for allegiances (guilds) where allegiances can have their meetings with their members, or craft and perform other social activities.

To show you some of the environment I use some of the ring portals and show you a little bit more of the areas surrounding the main city Arwic. I run into monsters and other animals and show you the beach with the sea. You can swim in this game which is a cool feature for reaching land you otherwise couldn’t in games that don’t offer swimming. Unfortunately you cannot dive in this game, but there is neither any diving content in this game for that. You can however look underwater when you jump from great heights or when you manage to modify the camera while swimming.

I told you last time that quests do not always have to come from NPC’s in Asheron’s Call 2, they can also come from objects in the game world or from potions or other items you pick up. This is also in the episode the case, I found a potion of Beetle slayer on a mob’s inventory and when I click on it.. well you will see.

I show you how quests function and where you get them from and I also show you a dungeon for one of my quests. Dungeons in this game do not require you to enter an instance through a portal, but are integrated into the game world. You automatically switch towards the new environment while the game world behind you is being unloaded from memory. It creates cool effects and makes you feel you are part of one big world.

The only exception to this rule is the so called Vaults. Someone also wanted me to visit a vault, but the minimum required level for them is 6 and I wasn’t sofar yet until after this episode, so that will have to wait for the next episode. Vaults require you to have a key to enter them and you enter them through a portal (by using the key).

I close off the episode by showing you a Point of Interest (POI), old Cragstone.. of Asheron’s Call 1.
During my gameplay video I give you many tips and comments about the game.

For the next video I give you the following choices:

And here is episode 2 – Long Distances:

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