Nintendo Direct of 14th of February 2013


Here’s our overview report of the Nintendo Direct Europe for 3DS on the 14th of February 2013.
A lot of new games and game content was shown and presented by both the bosses of Nintendo and the main producers of the games themselves.

Central was the hat of Luigi (green) on Satoru Iwata’s head, that showed that Nintendo was paying extra attention to Mario’s brother Luigi.

Nintendo said that it was the year of Luigi this year.

Luigi is the great partner and rival of Mario and had his first solo game title in 2001 with Luigi’s Mansion 1.

There is a new Luigi game in the pipeline, Luigi’s Dreamworld.
First of all Luigi’s mansion II, 3DS edition will come out on the 28th of March in Europe (24th USA).

In Luigi’s Mansion II, you will have to depend on your three tools, your light, the Poltergust and the Light/Dark Tool. The Poltergust is a vacuum cleaner that has a multitude of features.

You will use the three tools in a lot of different ways to solve puzzles for awesome secrets and to get further into the game.

For example you can use the sucking power of the Poltergust to suck up ghosts, objects and the like to reveal hidden hatches and rewards. You can suck up objects like spikey balls to throw again at enemies to defeat them or you could blow up a balloon to get to higher places.

Before you can suck up a ghost with the poltergust, you will have to stun them with the light. There are many different ghosts in the game, even with sunglasses.

There is also a ghost dog in the game which you will have to follow for discovering secrets. To follow the dog you will have to use the Dark/Light device.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 isn’t as scary as Luigi’s Mansion 1. It is merely a funny game with funny ghosts and it invites you to use all of the available tools to find all the ghosts and to solve all the puzzles to find interesting secrets.

You can play with up to four players cooperatively climbing a tower named the Scare Scraper.
The game also supports online gameplay with several coloured Luigi’s and their tools in Co-Op mode.
There is a mode to capture all the ghosts and there is a mode to find the way to escape the quickest as well as a chase for hidden ghost dogs around a level.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 is scheduled for release in Europe the 28th of March 2013.

And then there is the upcoming 3DS title Luigi’s Dream. In Luigi’s Dream, the dream of Luigi will be the setting for the game.
The player can sometimes touch Luigi’s face on the 3DS touch screen to activate actions that will help you solve puzzles in the game (activating certain things in the dream game world).

Mario will also be involved in this game as Luigi is the one dreaming, although Luigi will also be available in this game. Since it is a dream, you can be a powerful hero in this game.
Mario and Luigi Dream Team is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2013.

There will also be coming a Mario Golf game for Nintendo 3DS which will have a good deep golf gameplay adventure but with good easy to understand controls so that also families with sport interest can play this game.
The team behind the game has a good understanding of Golf and have applied most of the important events of Golf into the game.

Monster 3D Ultimate will be coming on the 22nd of March 2013 on both WiiU and 3DS
– Monster Hunter 3 exclusive WiiU premium pack with Monster Hunter 3 game
– Monster Hunter 3 exclusive black Nintendo 3DS WiiU and Hunter 3 Ultimate game

The 3DS game and WiiU game can connect to each other and use the same save data.

In this way you can play on the 3DS while you are out and continue at home on your WiiU with the same save data. When you decide to go again, you can continue playing again on your 3DS.

As for multiplayer, one player can play on the WiiU gamepad while up to three others can play on their 3DS.
On the WiiU version you can also play via the internet together with others.
Coming week there will come demos available for download for Monster Hunter 3 via the Nintendo eShop.

In a couple of weeks Castlevania Road of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be released.
The game has approximately 20 hours of gameplay
This game is about the relationships between the Bellmonts and Dracula, with epic battles and a great boss fight against Dracula himself.
The game is scheduled for release on the 8th of March 2013.

After a rather long wait for the fans of Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Awakening will be released on the 19th of April 2013.

Because European players had to wait so long for the localisation to be completed, a limited edition pack of a blue 3DS XL system will come available with the Fire Emblem logo and with the Fire Emblem Awakening game included.

The game will also come with limited free add-ons with content that will bring new maps and items.

Etriah Oddysey, Legends of the Titan, will be an interesting new game where you tile yourself maps in the game world. But be careful, messing up in making your map can get you into big trouble in the game world.

A tactical RPG is being released this summer as being Project XZone (Cross Zone) by Namco Bandai.

This game will feature known characters from other games that will have to fight in battles with each other. The release date will be later announced but is planned for the Summer of 2013.

There will be several new bargains the coming time in the eShop. From today there will be a special digital download promotion starting from today:

– 29,99 euro’s for Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D until Feb 21st.

At the celebrations of the 25th year anniversary Nintendo had a nice concert by a great orchestra. This orchestra is going to travel to London, Paris and Berlin in March, so if you want to see this special event, you should check out the Nintendo website.

There will also be several new downloadable games coming to Nintendo 3DS:

Code of Princess is a roleplaying game anime style to be released in Spring this year.

Pokemon X and Y which is coming in October 2013 as a global release was also been talked about shortly as a pre-announcement to a new Pokemon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a game in which you will become a Pokemon yourself. You will explore dungeons together with other Pokemon. You have a place where you can meet other Pokemon and invite them over to join you on your dungeon exploration missions. In the dungeons you will have to battle enemies together with your Poke-friends.
You can even scan real life objects with the 3DS camera to open ‘gates’ to new content to your dungeon.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will come out on the 17th of May 2013.

Splash or Crash (in the US it is called Kersploosh) is a game in which you follow up a stone cast in a (very) deep well. During the journey you will have to avoid crashing into all sorts of objects. These objects get stranger and stranger.. from normal planks you will also be able to find pizza slices, donuts and more (Where did they come from I wonder).
Patterns will change the whole time, giving you a different experience every time. This game will soon come to 3DS, already on the 28th of February 2013.

Animal Crossing is coming to 3DS on the 14th of June.
In this game you will rather soon figure out you will become the major of the town. That means you can do much more in this game.
For example you can build things around town, make new laws and do a lot of different things to profile yourself in the game. From decorating your house inside with different furniture, to decorating your garden and putting on different clothes on the top, bottom and shoes.
Animal Crossing comes with improved multiplayer with which you can visit others. It will make use of StreetPass and internet. In multiplayer you can play minigames together aswell.
Unfortunately is localisation taking its time, but it will be worth the wait.

Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move is a new puzzle styled game where you will have to find paths for your minis from A to B by placing different road pieces. Donkey Kong is not the enemy but is participating instead in the puzzles.
There will be a level editor to provide in user-generated content. Mario and donkey Kong Minis is scheduled for release in quarter 2 of 2013.

Donkey Kong Country returns 3D this summer, being remade for 3DS.
A special video for this will be available on the 3DS eshop in 3D from today.

A new DLC will this year become available for New Super Mario Bros U, to honour the year of Luigi: New Super Luigi WiiU.
In this pack, you will not find both brothers (no Mario in the game) but play as Luigi alone.

This and more can be seen on youtube or from the Nintendo UK website as the Nintendo Direct 3DS of the 14th of February 2013.

Have a look:

A sneak peak into the USA Direct?

I feel like reporting in here as well a little of the USA WiiU and 3DS Nintendo Direct, because it has content that also released to Europe in the same time, but didn’t get any attention by Nintendo Direct Europe.

On the WiiU:
The earlier announced Google Maps with Google Street View application was announced to become available in the US by today, but it is also available for us in Europe.

Since the previous announcement of the two new ‘untitled’ Zelda series game titles, the Miiverse community has responded very enthusiastically on the news and has had lots of discussions and drawings in other communities for the lack of an official Zelda community. Nintendo had sofar only made Miiverse communities for existing games. Because of this ‘action’ by the community, Nintendo has decided to create a special Zelda series Miiverse community for the Miiverse community to post into. This is then also the first Non-released game community on the Miiverse, perhaps the start of several.
The main developer / publisher / manager of the Zelda series will also as an official VIP join from time to time in these discussions.

On 3DS:
For example there is announced to be a new 3DS title for Lego City Undercover, named The Chase. The release date for Europe I cannot confirm, but the US date is on April 21, with the WiiU version on March 18. I suppose that localisation will take a little longer for Europe, so I cannot confirm any European release dates at this point.

For download, Harmoknight by Game Freak should be coming out on the 28th of March with a demo on the 14th of March, but even that I cannot confirm for a European release. Not only because of localisation, but also because sometimes games come out earlier in Europe than the US. Strange things with localisation in mind.
Just to give you an idea of that, that game ‘Kersploosh’ or ‘Splash or Crash’ comes out on February 28th in Europe while the US will have to wait until the 7th of March.

Then there were some other download only games, which I will not go into detail about because I have no clue whether they will become available for Europe.

And that was the end of my report.

March is becoming a rather interesting month full of game releases for both WiiU and Nintendo 3DS and I believe it is also the month of several games for other consoles and new game systems.

Game on!


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