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Today I wanted to post something big, but that big thing took a little bit more time to produce so it will have to wait a little bit. Rest assured it is coming soon (Friday). Tomorrow there is a Nintendo Direct for both the US and Europe. Today I will next to tell you a bit more about these different events, also write a little about a very interesting Kickstarter project.


Upcoming article and video:
The bigger story I want to publish is actually a video. I (Steven) have played in another episode of Asheron’s Call 2 and the edited video will soon be ready for upload. Together with that video I will have to create a new article for the website and create a new poll for you to choose my next episode (episode 3).

Nintendo Direct: 3DS
Tomorrow there will be a Nintendo Direct. In the USA there will be one about the WiiU and the 3DS. In Europe, Nintendo will talk about the 3DS only as they spend much time the last time on the WiiU already. For Nintendo Japan is nothing planned yet, but this might much more have to do with the fact that they were asleep when the EU and US Direct’s were announced. We will bring out a report about that, together with something suited for the 14th of February. The European Nintendo Direct for 3DS starts at 2pm GMT.

Kickstarter: CRYAMORE
As for the Kickstarter: This time we have Cryamore in the spotlight. CRYAMORE is an action-adventure game with slight RPG elements for PC (Windows) and Mac , which is a mixture of Zelda, Secret of Mana, Metroid and Megaman.
This sounds very very interesting to us as all of these games were the most fantastic experiences in gaming.
On top of that does also the music (recreated by a composer) make you come back to the classic titles from the past but in a new jacket, which gives us really good hopes for this new title.

As the people behind CRYAMORE say themselves:
Imagine the barebones gameplay of Zelda, mixed with atmospheric elements from Metroid, action done in the style of Secret of Mana, the excitement of figuring out what element to use like Megaman, hand-drawn storybook backdrops like Legend of Mana, with comedic tones and a thriving in-game clock system like Brave Fencer Musashi; that’s Cryamore in a nutshell.

They have crossed the 148.000 USD (far beyond their initial 60.000USD mark) and are in their milestone line 2000 dollars short for a Android (yes telephones), OUYA, IOS and Linux release. I think that with 12 days still left on the countdown the 150.000 mark will be made no problem. The next mark for some Arcade gameplay lays on 175.000 USD and for a stunning 225.000USD (a good 75.000 USD more than the nearly current 150.000) we can all play that game on Xbox360, PS3 or WiiU.

If you, like us, think this game is worth a few bucks, than go to their Kickstarter page, check their videos and content out and pledge for a few bucks (at 15 dollars you have at least your own copy guaranteed).

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