Tekkit Lite: Mystcraft

In this article I will write about a Mod for MineCraft, named Tekkit Lite – Mystcraft.

Let me start by introducing myself. I call myself BONELESS and think of myself as a casual gamer. I will try about anything, on any medium. I can spend hours playing “stupid” puzzle games online, but the Call of Duty series and Skyrim are definitely among my favorites.

I bought my first console when I was about six years old, a second hand NES. I must have spent 1000’s of hours on it, when I finally traded it in for a SEGA Megadrive. When I got older, most games I played were on PC. Today I own a XBOX, PS3 and a vintage NES, beside my PC of course.

I have been a “silent reader” of the The Game Mistress website for a long time. I finally asked her to allow me to write a piece for her website, which she accepted. I would like to thank her (and Steven) for this opportunity and hope I can make a meaningful contribution to the site.

Today I would like to go through a new modpack for Minecraft, named Tekkit Lite. Many articles covering Minecraft have been written on the GameMistress website, so I will not go into that.

A little background information
Technic is a single player modpack for Minecraft, which adds a bunch of technical orientated mods to the game. Major mods include Industrial Craft (machines, nuclear power, force fields, solar power etc.), Red Power (Boolean logic, wireless logic etc.), Rail Craft (different kind of rails) and the list goes on and on. These mods add a major new dimension to the game, but was made for single player only.
For me, Minecraft is only fun if you can do it with multiple people. Many do agree, and so Tekkit was launched as the Multiplayer version of the Technic Mod Pack. Today Tekkit is immensely popular and that is for a great part thanks to the guys from the Yogscast, which feature a multitude of YouTube channel series of Tekkit on their own Tekkit server.

Earlier this month, the new modpack Tekkit Lite came out. Tekkit Lite contains, contrary to it’s name, even more mods then Tekkit Classic. The modpack takes full advantage of the new Minecraft multiplayer features, and is specifically made for smaller servers (hence Tekkit Lite).

I picked one mod to (try to) explain in a little more detail what Tekkit Lite is about, being Mystcraft.

Mystcraft is a mod that allows you to travel to parallel dimensions using specific Linking Books. These dimensions can be “created” by the player, by using the Writing Desk to add special symbols in the Linking Book. The dimensions can feature specific biomes, or circumstances, which can be major advantages (or disadvantages) for players; the prime example is the Dense Ores symbol. This symbol causes the ores in this dimension to be clustered together, and thus being a place to go to gather your materials.

There are many symbols that add bad features to dimensions, like permanent hunger, permanent nausea and black decay, making it a gamble whether a dimension will turn out hospitable or hostile.

The greatest drawback of Mystcraft is the chance of getting stuck in a dimension, by forgetting or losing the book that links to the Overworld. The only way of getting out of a dimension is by having someone bring you a new Link Book, making a new Link Book in the current dimension if it has the required resources, or finding a so called Star Fissure.
A Star Fissure is a rift in time and space inside a dimension, making it possible to jump to the Overworld. Needless to say, Star Fissures are not featured in every dimension, and are not always easy to find.

I think I have blabbered enough for now. This is the first time I write an article, not everything might be consistent or interesting. Please feel free to give feedback, and let me know if you would like to see more.


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