Game Review: RUZZLE


Ruzzle is a game developed by MAG Interactive. It is available for the smart phone marked: Android and IPhone.


This game is rather interesting: The goal of this game is to play against an opponent (friends, Facebook friends or against random people) and make as many words as possible from a random tile consisting of 16 random letters in a two minute time frame.

The wordgame

You can make words out of these letters by sliding your finger horizontally, diagonally, left, right, up, down and sideways. You will be awarded points depending on the value of the letter and the possible TL, DL, DW extra’s (like scrabble).

This game is fun for a quick match with friends. Each game has 3 rounds. At the end of each round your points sum up and the player with the most points wins.

Round “Round-up”

Also you will be able to see what words you could have created on the table you were given if you have the full version installed.

It is fairly simple to get started, you just download the game from your app market (there’s a free version with ads and limited functionality and there’s a paid version), install it and register with a username and password (optionally an email address for if you would like to be able to retrieve your password when you lose it). The interface itself is pretty clear and colourful. You can go to the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner and choose your profile settings there as well as you can choose how your avatar should look like.

While this game is fun to kill time, there are however some issues which can be considered as serious!

1. The dictionary in the game is awful it doesn’t recognise all the words in the language you choose to play. I played the game both in English and Norwegian and sometimes the game decided it won’t alow you to use a simple word like “Me”, “satt”, “Hei or “tennis” etc.

2. when the game crashed, it tends to take your phone with it, giving it a very nasty crash. This happened to me while I was playing and my game was going rather well, I had a score of 500 points and 1 minute left to complete finding my words: suddenly the game decided, “this is your lucky day now i will crash!” I had to restart my phone to get it working optimal again.

3. Sometimes if you want to choose your profile picture the game doesn’t update it really / save it.

The game is worth a try (or a buy, only 16 kr or ca 2 euro). It’s quick, it’s fun and it’s simple, but the bugs can be a real pain in the neck and give the other player an unfair advantage.

The Game Mistress

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