Rayman Legends delayed


Today Ubisoft has announced that the long awaited game Rayman Legends for the WiiU has been delayed.


Rayman Legends was originally planned for launch on the 26th of February 2013, but has now been delayed until somewhere in September 2013.

The reason behind this is that they want to launch the game as a multi-platform after all, even though they have promised to release the new Rayman Legends as a WiiU exclusive.

This has caused a huge outrage by quite a number loyal fans. Some do no longer want to purchase the game anymore, others want to boycott Ubisoft all together.

I cannot blame them that they are upset, but I do wish the community would keep the argument to a more mature level. Screaming, cursing and threatening doesn’t get you anywhere.
I am actually very happy that the exclusive game becomes multi-platform. More people will be able to enjoy Rayman Legends on their own favourite console.

What bothers me is that Ubisoft has said that they would launch the Rayman Legends game in the WiiU launch window. The game was also communicated by Nintendo during their launch and many of their presentations the past year.

What does this mean for Ubisoft and Nintendo?
– Nintendo fans are going to be disappointed
– Ubisoft will lose a lot of respect from the fan base, that were really expecting the game
– It is bad marketing practice to make promises you cannot keep and changing your mind in the very last minute.

I also think that this will cause problems to Nintendo:
They are losing another game in their launch window. And this again could put people off.

I don’t understand why they cannot just release the WiiU game now and the game for the other platforms in September as promised. Team Ninja did so as well with Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge.

The only way to make this up to the fans, is to add much more content to the game than that originally was planned. And now because they have extra time, they could invest time into learning the WiiU better, so that they can tailor the game better to the hardware of the WiiU.
Don’t get me wrong, the game does already look very nice.

I am disappointed in the way Ubisoft has handled this. I still hope they will launch the game as originally planned. I don’t see it happen, but it would be nice.

Fans: I feel sorry for you guys. This is the way it is and we will just have to take it the mature way and look forward to our game becoming the best Rayman game ever.

Game on.

The Game Mistress

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