Content planning


In today’s article I will tell you which articles you can expect from us the coming days.


First of all we created another video today. Guess guess.. it is Torchlight 2. Another gameplay video for our series and this time we will follow Steven’s (mine!) quests. I am not sure when that video will be available, probably not tomorrow but at least this coming week.
Another video is in the making for Asheron’s Call 2 and also we plan to do something new in all time favourite game Minecraft.
Perhaps we will make some more WiiU videos. We hope to do something with reviews on videos, but that might take some time to produce.

Articles & Interviews
Apart from news and technology, we will show you something from the past (Mario). There are reviews for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Ninja Gaiden 3 and an article about the recently published Zen Pinball on WiiU.

We also will have our first guest writer on the blog. Hopefully his first article can be published this week, but it could also be next week (something about Minecraft and Tekkit).

We also hope to have an interview this month with a person that wrote a book about gaming.

At least you can expect one video and 5-7 articles from us per week.

Game on!


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