New Mario Bros U Epic Fail


What happens when The Game Mistress and her friends play together? The outcome is: Total Chaos!


My friend Jan decided to come over to play the New Super Mario Bros U on the WiiU with me.

When two professional gamers play together on one screen, the outcome becomes rather messy. We both ended up in the most stupid situations and died time after time. I can guarantee you, that evening was filled with cursing and laughter!

At some point Steven also joins the game using the WiiU gamepad, placing ‘helping’ blocks to add to the chaos.

Steven put this video nicely together on our new editing software and we rendered the video at a much higher speed than we were used to on my new gaming rig.

You can watch the result below:

Game on and keep laughing!

The Game Mistress

all Super Mario Bros U content copyrighted by Nintendo

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