Review: Little Inferno (WiiU)


Little Inferno is one of the strangest games I have ever played. Why? It’s because of the unusual atmosphere the game has to offer. It is a simple game with a very deep meaning behind it. what I love about this game is all the references to other movies and games.

Console: WiiU
Release date: 2012
Developers: Tomorrow Corporation (3 indie developers)

This game is all about love, friendship, and finding yourself. You just bought the little inferno fireplace to keep yourself warm, as it is only getting colder and colder outside. It has been snowing for an unknown amount of time. The question is, is there more than what meets the eye? The story in this game did leave me thinking “What in the world did I just play?”

The gameplay is very simple, although also challenging. You have the Little Inferno entertainment fireplace and your objective is to grab your toys and burn them. The more you burn, the more money you get. With the money you obtain from burning toys you can buy more toys from the post order catalogue. After burning all toys from that catalogue a new catalogue is unlocked (that you can order).
You burn things with the cursor that turns into a flame and then you put things in the fireplace on fire with it by pressing the cursor (PC, WiiU, Tablet). You can try to find combos by burning various items together. Combos will award you with stamps, which you can use to get express deliveries (speed up your deliveries to be instant with you). Sometimes you will get presents from various people and sometimes they will ask you to send them a gift. If you are a sadist, you are in luck. Some of the toys you burn up do really scream giving you a weird feeling of satisfaction. I really got freaked out and felt sorry at times, even though they were just toys. Some items will give you a different effect when burning them, or act different when combined. There is a lot of variation in this game that keeps it interesting.

The music in this game is very dramatic so to say. While you are shopping for new items it reminds me those typical old cartoons or when they used to sell wares back in the 50’s; a cheerful old styled background music. The sound in this game is brilliant. All the items have their own unique sound, whether they are being put down in the fire or while they are burning to ashes. The screams will leave you feel guilty for burning the toys. The music is spot on, when it comes to the atmosphere. You really don’t know what to expect next of the game and the music implies this well.

I like the graphics in this game. It has a very dark cartoonish feeling to it. The animation on each toy is well done! Especially when it gets burned to ashes! The character design reminds me of the World of Goo and the cartoons seem to be from Nickelodeon. Well, that is no surprise, some of the developers have worked on these previous projects!

The good and the bad

Good points:
– The game has a very sinister vibe to it, leaving the player clueless
– It’s fun to see the toys burn
– Excellent music and atmosphere
– Wonderful story that will leave you pondering

Bad points:
– The game can occasionally slow down when too much effects are on the screen

Little Inferno isn’t your everyday game. You have no idea what to expect, which is a good thing as I hate it when I can guess the plot in the game. Burning things is a real blast, the mysterious characters will make you get attached to them, no matter what. The game comes with impressive sounds and hilarious visuals. This game will surely entertain you. If you are a person who loves a game out of the ordinary, Little Inferno is the game for you!

Here is a Little Inferno Trailer:

Little Inferno has so far come out on PC, WiiU and by Thursday the 31st of January 2013 the game will also launch on iPad.

Game on!

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