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Today at 3pm GMT+1 there was another Nintendo Direct, this time focused on the WiiU. Here’s our summary of what was showcased or teased away, by Satora Iwata of Nintendo.


To say the very least, Nintendo is like your boy/girlfriend teasing the %¤&?! out of you with telling little details, but not telling you what is really going to be released. Even at the last minute of the broadcast, little was shown or told, they just merely showed us the very top of the iceberg. We know that new titles will be released, but we have no details to these titles, nor the title names.

First of all the importance of the Miiverse was shown. For example in the community of the downloadable game Trine 2, players help each other. When you have trouble solving the puzzly gameplay, you can ask the game community for help and they will give you tips how to solve it.
Even game developers do visit the Miiverse and share their thoughts or help out.

New Yoshi WiiU Gametitle

On the ZombiU community, players share their emotions mostly.
Nintendo is also very amazed about the drawing skills of some people, who are sharing excellent hand drawings in their Miiverse posts.
MiiVerse characters with a green symbol have been verified by Nintendo to be authentic users.
You can view Youtube videos within Miiverse, but for that you will have to have a Nintendo Verified account to be able to post yourself, so its only view for us.
Upcoming titles for WiiU are also shown off at the Direct broadcast

The second topic is the coming of two major system updates to the WiiU. The first one will be in Spring and the second one in the Summer. The new updates will come with functionality and bug fixes and will along with that make the WiiU software and WiiU menu launch faster.
In the coming Spring system update, also the WiiU Virtual console service will come available.
With this the games for NES and Super Nintendo will come available.
The Virtual console will have the following features:
you can save a backup of your progress
play off-TV on the gamepad
access the Miiverse community
Later they will also make game titles from Gameboy Advance available via WiiU Virtual Console.
The WiiU virtual console prices will be discounted for owners of the previous Wii Virtual Console titles. If you have had Wii Virtual console game titles, then the discounted prices will automatically be displayed in the shop. The question on our side is: how will Nintendo know whether or not you have had a Wii and a certain Wii Virtual Console title?
Nintendo is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of the family computer (FamCom).
Because of this, certain old generation games will be made available through the WiiU eShop during the coming 30 days and each title will be discounted to a 30 cents (30 pence).
The Miiverse will get extra features added over time, as it functions like a web-based service in which easily new functionality can be added.
For their upcoming title Pikmin 3 for example, they are working on implementing a feature where you can make use of the gamepad to make ingame pictures that you can share on the miiverse (camera tool).
With the upcoming update for Miiverse, users will be able to create user communities themselves, there will be more than one official community per title and the usability will be improved.
Also are they working on adding a filtering function for users to make sure that you don’t miss anything important from the Miiverse.
In the near future, Miiverse will also be able to be accessed as a browser based version via your mobile smart phone. Later on this will become a telephone app.
Nintendo is doing their best on getting Nintendo Tvii for Europe. It is already active in Japan and North America. They are also working on pushing both Netflix and LoveFilm to create availability for these in all European countries.
In an upcoming Iwata Asks, Iwata will talk with Platinum Games to get more details on the game under development by them.

The long awaited news was the announcement of new titles to WiiU. Unfortunately Nintendo kept us pretty much in the dark for this. We know globally there will be a new:
– Super Mario Galaxy WiiU??
– Super Mario Kart WiiU ??
– New Smash Bros title WiiU??
– Wii Party game for WiiU?
– A new yoshi game, but styled like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but way better (WiiU styled) graphics.
– A collaboration between Nintendo and (Attarus) are making a new Fire Emblem game.
– Monolith Soft and Nintendo are working on a follow up game for Xenoblade Chronicles
– A brand new remake of the GameCube’s Zelda Wind Waker gametitle, The Wind Waker Reborn will be refitted for WiiU with updated graphics.
– A brand new Zelda WiiU Title, but there is absolutely no information available as to the title, description, storyline or any gameplay details.

More about the upcoming WiiU titles will be released on the coming E3 2013 in June.

Also Nintendo is planning to release some collaborative gameplay titles that focus a little more on the functionality of the Nintendo gamepad and the other remote controllers. A version of the all famous game Twist (the one where you put your hands under another persons legs onto two dots behind you) but than for the WiiU gamepad and the Wii Remotes. Certain buttons need to be pressed in by certain players, you will create a similar “Twist” experience.

Also (mini) games will be added that will make the gameplay useful to game on for just two players, each at the horizontal end in a vertical play way. The example shown was a football game where each player was defending their goal, as if it was a table football game. Similarly we have seen early WiiU demo’s of playing certain board games on the WiiU gamepad with each other. Kind of a nostalgic experience.

We can’t wait for E3 and more details on the “announced” game titles.
If you are interested, you can actually see the Nintendo Direct right away among many other showcased game titles on this Nintendo Youtube channel:

Game on!
Steven and The Game Mistress

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