Guild Wars 2 – “Guesting”


In six days ArenaNet will make a new feature available for their Guild Wars 2 players, which is called “Guesting”.

With Guesting you can play on a world other than your home world, without actually having to move to that other world. You are just only visiting the other world to be able to play with friends that are on a different world for example.

Because of this Guesting change, moving characters from one world to another will no longer be free. You will have to pay a special GEM fee and the amount of Gem’s to pay will depend on the existing population on the world you want to move towards.

So from January the 28th you login to the game (Guild Wars 2) and on the character select screen you click on the World Selection button.

You then click on the world that you want to Guest for and then a window comes up where you can click the Guest button. Now you will be able to login with your characters on that Guest world server.

There are a few restrictions in place with this change:
– Since your character data isn’t being moved around, you will only be able to guest on worlds in the same region as your home world (so only Europe worlds for us Europeans).
– You will not be able to participate in World vs World PvP on the guest world, when you click on join World vs World, you will automatically load in WvW for your home world.
– You cannot guest on more than two guest worlds at a time. Each time you guest on a world, that world becomes one of your ‘favourited’ guest worlds for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours, this will be reset and you can choose another guest world from the world list. So you will have your home world plus a maximum of two favourited guest worlds to play on every day.
– If you guest a world that is full or highly populated, there will be a risk that you will be playing on the overflow server instead.

This month ArenaNet came also with a combined post in which they showed us the plans for the upcoming updates for the game. Among them was the addition of reward tokens for the achievement system. Achievements completed (also dailies) will reward you with tokens that you can use to buy special items and gear with.
Also are they working on a system where you will need to complete only for example 4 of the 6 objectives to an achievement.

With all the possibilities in mind for the coming year, they haven’t given any date on these updates yet, but the Guesting system will definitely be in place on the 28th of January 2013!

Game on!


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