Sporty games


I am of course not referring here to games like FIFA and NBA, but the active version where you will have to move your body to make a score in a game. There are a lot of games out there to stay fit and for every console out there too.


Let’s start with Sony’s Playstation 3. Sony came in 2010 with the Playstation Move, a device to detect motion that communicated this with the Playstation.

Not many games have come out, but the best ones around are Sports Champions (2010) and last year’s Sports Champions 2 (2012). Next to that would be Grand Slam Tennis 2 and Everybody Dance. Perhaps there’s also a bowling game, but I am not sure if bowling is in the same category.

On Microsoft Xbox 360 with help of the Kinect, there’s Kinect Sports and Your Shape Fitness Evolved and even EA Sports Active 2 for the real fitness workout fan, or the more swingy Dance Central for the casual sporter aswell as Zumba.

But generally all games on Kinect will make you move your body more, which was the essential key for Microsoft making this device.
Those who want to train the mind combined with their body, could try out Body and Brain Connection.
From the famous TV shows there is also a game made named “Biggest Loser”.

On the Nintendo Wii with its motion controllers, there is of course the Wii Fit series (There will be a new version of Wii Fit coming to WiiU as well). The Nintendo Wii has the balance board and that made it, in combination with the motion controllers Wii Remote and Nunchuck, an ideal set for sports.

Next to Nintendo’s versions of fitness, there’s Just Dance 4, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Punch-Out (a boxing game). Also most party games involved moving your body. EA also came with a Fitness game, called Virtual Fitness.

For the mobile platforms there are a lot of applications (apps) available that involve moving your body, whether that is a game where you have to run away for zombies or simply a tracking application for your daily strolls (take for example RunTastic) .

I can’t recall games for PC that have much fitness involved, but there’s a good chance they are out there too.

And there’s of course always the option to go out yourself for real to take a good walk in nature and breath some fresh air (if you have that anywhere near your house that is). Suppose I can call myself lucky to live in a country with lots of wild nature, high mountains and fresh air.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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