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Today another Kickstarter campaign successfully completed its goals and received its money. This time around a third person RPG game in An anime setting from a famous book and miniatures roleplaying title.


Anima Gate of Memories is an action RPG set in the Anima Beyond Fantasy world featuring a deep compelling story and exciting game play.

“Created by a collaboration of occidental and Asians authors, Anima Beyond Fantasy is a license recognized for its role-playing books, miniature wargame and card game. Anima products have been translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, and are available in more than 20 countries worldwide.”

Anima Gate of Memories is a new story in a pre-existing environment and will be a game title for at first Windows, Mac and Linux and they are planning to release it on a next generation console as well.

“A nameless woman. A monster that even nightmares fear. In an age of conflict, two lonely souls are trapped in a labyrinth of memories and darkness. Both have been summoned to an ancient place where a war in the shadows is about to begin.”

The game tells the story of The Bearer and Ergo, members of an ancient society called Nathaniel which for centuries has protected mankind from the darkness. After a series of events they both awake locked inside a strange structure without any way to escape. However, they are no longer alone. Strange beings called The Messengers are also summoned there. Soon, they will discover that something darker than they could imagine is about to start, a war in the shadows in which both will have a leading role.

Both characters can be played with and both can be upgraded in their own tree of skills. There’s magic and martial arts to choose from to defeat enemies and complete tasks. The game also features puzzles, some are part of the main storyline (far easier) and some are part of side quests and acquirements of valuable items (harder puzzles).

Next to the main story, the game focuses on action RPG but it will also have infiltration and puzzle content. Even though the story is linear, the game doesn’t force the player to go the whole time from A to B. The player will have the freedom to explore the world and battle along in their own preferred order. All choices you make in the game will leave a big impact on the general progression in the game and the later outcome. This also means that the game will have different endings.

You can see an alpha version of the game on youtube:
Video 1

video 2

Although the Kickstarter project has been completed right now and a lot of artwork and pre-game engine programming work has already been done for the game, the game won’t appear before June 2014. So you will have to wait a little while until you can get to play this awesome game.

Check their Kickstarter page for more information:

The project completed with 110.664 USD (20.664 USD over target).

Game on!


p.s. we have had a very stressful weekend with a lot of technical problems concerning the video for Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We hope to get a version of the video up as soon as possible, even though we are still experiencing problems with the video stream.

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