Lego Lord of the Rings (PS3)


Last weekend I was invited to my friend’s house to try out Lego Lord of the Rings on the Playstation 3.


First when playing the game I got confused by the two player split screen how it kept changing sides and rotating on the screen. All of a sudden I was throwed into a boss scene, while on the other side of the split screen my friend was leading the four hobbits to safety. So two stories were going on in the same time. It was rather confusing giving me that typical WTF moment. But after I defeated the boss I was reunited with my friend again and we both lead the hobbits to safety.

Than we entered the city of Bree. I figured I could craft some helpful gear while Jan was busy doing some side quests. While doing all the side and main quests we couldn’t help but laugh. There is plenty of funny humour in this game. Like the Nazgul extinguishing the fires with a fire extinguisher or our heroes from Lord of the Rings building snowmen or they are just goofing off while a serious scene is played. Big characters can carry small characters like Gimli and the Hobbits. Gimli and the Hobbits are so tiny they get stuck in the snow. So brave Aragon or Legolas has to carry them to safety. You can also use Gimli as a flying projectile. Warning: his axe is dangerous.

Of course, the traditional Lego gameplay returns. You have to build stuff out of Lego to help you advanced in a stage. Collection of bits is also back. This time the true adventurer returns, but you can also collect different helmets or blacksmith recipes. Enough collectibles to keep you busy.

In the end we passed the Mines of Moira defeating the Balrock. This was simply hillarious. Reminded me a bit of defeating Ridley in Metroid Prime 3. We left the mines and we decided to play on. I had to play Frodo escaping Boromir who is greedy after the ring, while Jan was leading the other heroes to save me. But sadly the Playstation 3 decided to crash on us. And so our adventurer ended with a graphical glitch.

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