Let’s play: Lego Indiana Jones – The Adventure Returns


Me and Steven decided to play Lego Indiana Jones – The Adventure Returns, since we finally found back the second Xbox360 controller and since we are able to record with our new console recording device.


This episode we had some technical difficulties figuring out the best possible settings for recording with a microphone and the game sound. We are sorry that the result isn’t at its best, but can assure you that the next episode will be better!
The video became also a little too long, so we split it in two seperate video’s. These two video’s of the same episode are already up and running, so you can watch them below straight away.

We had at least a lot of fun playing this first part of the game and will continue to do so with a recording of it.

You can see part 1 of the first episode here:

And part 2 here:

Have fun watching!

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