New Super Mario Bros U Review


The New Super Mario Bros make their grand appearance on Nintendo’s new Home Console the WiiU. Join Mario, Luigi and the toads to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and the Koopalings again. But this time with a bit of a nostalgia twist added to the mix.


The story is very simple just like in any other New Super Mario game. Mario, Luigi and the two Toads are having dinner with Princess Peach together. Suddenly Bowser invades the castle with the Koopalings with his new air sheep fleet. He summons a massive mechanical hand and throws Mario, Luigi and the two Toads out of the castle, sending them to Acorn Plains.

The gameplay isn’t too different from the other New Super Mario Bros games. However this game succeeds to take you back in the past. There are lots of references to Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario Bros 3, which makes me very happy! For example the star road returns. The map has also some neat futures. the cool thing about the world map is that you can find enemies on them. If you remember from Super Mario 3, when you bump into an enemy cool music would start and you would have to kill them without dying. That would award you with a chest containing an item. Well that has returned in this new game!

After you cleared a stage, the path gets unlocked towards new stages. Make sure you keep your eyes open for Golden Star Coins and secret exits. Secret exits will take you to hidden levels.

At the end of each stage a challenging boss fight awaits. The boss fights in this game are fun. Each boss has a different way to give you a serious beating!

New additions
First thing that is new is the flying squirrel costume. It will transform Mario and friends into a flying squirrel, he will be able to glide, jump and hang onto walls for a short while. Next are the baby Yoshies. You can find them on the world map or in the levels. Pink = floats into a balloon, blue baby Yoshi = blows bubbles turning enemies into bubbles, which contain coins or powerups; gold= brightens dark areas, so you won’t have to go on a suicide mission in the dark anymore! The baby Yoshies are a cute addition, they love to eat your enemies up for a snack and love to sing along to the stage music.

Of course Yoshi himself is also in the game. He will eat your enemies, he can glide jump if you hold the button in. And he will eat apples. After eating five apples he will lay an egg. The egg can contain powerups. Sometimes in the world map a naughty rabbit will appear with the name Nabbit. He will steal Toads merchandise. Grab that naughty rabbit as soon as possible to bring the merchandise back to the Toad. This rabbit will run away from you in any stage he selects, so be careful. Grabbing the rabbit will award you a unique item. This does bring a lot of fun into the game. Bosses have also been overhauled; they are harder and more challenging than before. The stages can be brutal giving you a real challenge. So this is by far the best New Super Mario game.

Here is where the game shines. You can decide to play up to five characters. Four players use the old Wii remote while the fifth player uses the WiiU pad, the 5th player can decide to use the pad to place blocks to help you or to hinder you. The game gets rather chaotic with all the players on the screen but that just makes it more fun.

Other modes
You can choose to play with your Mii. That’s right; you can play with your own Mii on challenging stages. You can play challenges, Boost Rush or Coin Battle. Boost Rush and Coin Battle can be played with other players!

There is enough content in this game to keep you busy.

It seems that so far, not many people have praised the games’ graphics, but I will prove the opposite. It is fantastic to finally see Mario in true HD. If you look closely, there is a lot of detail to what is happening in the background. Mario and the other characters have better graphical details and have lightning and shadows. There are good light shaders and shadows to be seen for once. The world is far more detailed thanks to the WiiU. The game runs on 720p without any issue. For a launch title this is a very nice looking game.

Luckily there are new songs to be heard. The baby Yoshi sings along, which is very adorable. However many of the songs from the other Super Mario Bros games return and that can get boring.

Good points
– Mario returns in full HD
– Beautiful visuals
– Coop play is a blast
– Challenging stages are a welcoming addition to the game
– Multiplayer adds great value to the game
– Asymmetric gameplay will either make you loved or hated by friends
– Lots of reference from past Mario games

Bad points
The same songs and sounds over again can get boring fast

Conclusion Super New Mario Bros U
The game is really good and challenging, the graphics look fantastic on the WiiU. The game returns to its roots with the difficulty of the levels. Some new music has been added, but most of the time you hear the same music from the previous games which gets easily on your nerves. However i recomend getting this game. The more people who play together the crazier it gets! If you truly love mario than this game will be welcome in your collection.

Game on!

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