How’s your backlog?


What is a backlog and how is our status on this.


First of all, what is a backlog you may ask?
A backlog is a list over the games you once bought but never played, a list of games you started on but never finished off. It basicly is for a gamer a list over what they still need to finish. They most likely bought new games while they were still playing another game and now are stuck with one or more games they have to finish still. We will from time to time put an article up for this to tell you how our backlog status is.

Game Mistress
I still have to play out Final Fantasy 13 I and II. I lost interest a while back, then played a lot of other games and didn’t bother go back to it. Otherwise I am playing Guild Wars 2 with Steven. We managed already to get to level 80 in Guild Wars 2, but the content is far from over. Every area you can get all the points of interest, Vista’s and waypoints before you complete a map. The game has a lot of achievements to complete. I am also still not done with crafting my armour set or that nice weapon “Sunrise” and Twilight”, when you combine both you gain “Eternity”. Eternity is the blade I want. It will cost a lot of money. And there is much more to do. Lots of questing areas that we have skipped sofar.
Torchlight 2 I still have to play through. Minecraft is an ongoing story, but that I only play for Game Mistress with Steven and some friends. I started playing Walking Dead for Game Mistress, but never really continued that game either. Also Darkspore is laying around collecting dust.

Playing Guild Wars 2 together with The Game Mistress and that goes on for a while still I think. New content is always added and the old content is far from complete. Otherwise do we roleplay in that game together, so content gets less fast used up.
I still have to continue Star Craft 2 and Darkspore. Also Torchlight 2 is definitely in the planning. I put a lot more time into Minecraft and still have to as I am about to lead the start on a new series. And then there is my Asheron’s Call 2 series that I started with. I definitely want to explore more into this game. Hopefully I can show you all also something of Asheron’s Call 1, but that game doesn’t let me login yet. Hopefully that issue gets resolved soon.

Enough about us, how is your backlog doing? Let us know.

Game on!

Steven and The Game Mistress

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